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Fabulosum Jimendi

ask and I'll explain

Jim McGrath
4 April

/Time for an update (20/05/2009).

We don't seem to be able to stay put for long. Unfortunately our last landlord asked us to pay an unreasonable rent increase and wasn't willing to negotiate until after we'd handed our notice in. As a result we've ended up moving across Manchester to Longsight, and into a house owned by one idiot and let by another. Suffice to say, things did not run smoothly; but in spite of them we're doing our best to settle in.

Workwise things are not much different - I've been at NDEC a year (a year yesterday, in fact) and apart form being overly burdened with one particulr project I can't complain too much, given the excellent working conditions that come from being employed by a University. Unfortunately, what that generally means is my working days are very dull, but I suppose that's better than them being appalling.

A little more freelance work has started to come my way recently: if you want to know what I'd rather be doing, keep an eye on my journal and I'll try to remember to update a bit more often ;^)